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CLONAKILLA 2013 Viognier Nouveau CANBERRA REGION [12 BTL UNBROKEN CASE BUY] ....$22.45...|   
CLONAKILLA 2013 Viognier Nouveau CANBERRA REGION [ADD TO A MIXED DOZEN] ....$24.50...

D'ARENBERG 2009 Viognier LAST DITCH McLaren Vale  [12 BTL UNBROKEN CASE BUY]  ....$16.92...
D'ARENBERG 2009 Viognier LAST DITCH McLaren Vale  [ADD TO A MIXED DOZEN] ....$17.50...
Brilliant, mid-straw appearance with green tints. The lifted aroma of 
summer flowers, tropical fruits and ginger is intertwined with the classic 
spectrums of nectarine, white peach and ripe apricot skin.
The palate is tight; initially dominated with cool mineral characters, 
and then you are hit with the tropical fruits, stone fruits and glycerol. 
Acidity is low due to the oily viscosity this variety is known for but 
the palate is beautifully balanced offering a huge spectrum of complexity 
and flavours with a long-lasting, persistent finish.
Drink now and over the next 3 to 4 years.

YALUMBA 2012 Viognier EDEN VALLEY  Moreish 5/6  [12 BTL UNBROKEN CASE BUY]....$17.69 ...
YALUMBA 2012 Viognier EDEN VALLEY  Moreish 5/6  [ADD TO A MIXED DOZEN]....$18.95 ...
  We thoroughly enjoyed our sample with a delicious fettuccini pasta with an Italian source and prawns.  
 Aromatic, rich and savoury, this intriguing wine epitomises all we love in Viognier.

YALUMBA 2010 Viognier THE VIRGILIUS  [12 BTL UNBROKEN CASE BUY]. ....$37.61 ...

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WERRINGTON ESTATE (HILLTOPS) is 10 klms South East of YOUNG, NSW  - a cool climate zone. 
The Hilltops Wine Region recently scored Top Golds at the London International Wine & 
Spirit Competition - IWSC (one of the most important wine show in the world) and also 
won the coveted  Jimmy Watson Trophy all in the spate of three years. This has now 
elevated HILLTOPS Wine Region as the DARLING new region in Australia and the World.

The Werrington vineyard was planted in 1997 at approximately 1800 feet 
above sea level. This area of Hilltops is famous as the Cherry Capital of Australia 
and is also an ideal location for premium viticulture and excellent cool climate wines.

WERRINGTON ESTATE (HILLTOPS) Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet   watch for first release.


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Moreish factor of 2 to 6 -
is our a quick scoring technique we use to judge the
drink ability of a wine
e.g. 6/6 would be the highest score we use when you want
more and possibly find it difficult to share the
"last drop" with others. Now forget all other complicated
judging techniques, in the end it comes down to:-
do you like it or not?

     in the MUSEUM list
                                best cellared wines in the world 
                         we don't buy from auctions or deceased  estates


          The power bill to refrigerate our maturation storage cellar is about $700 a month.

(see more pics at bottom)
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Our museum wines are kept at the BEST and most expensive cellaring conditions we know of. 
We have taken a digital photo to show you the control panel. At 12.5 deg Celsius constant, humidity
53 to 55, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, Grange will keep 50 years plus.
                All wines and labels are in pristine condition
Our advice for those who may compare prices over the web, make a careful check as to
the condition the wines are kept in, present and past. Having been the same owners
since 1976 (37 years), we know and lived with our wines. We have up to 15 dozen of the same wine 
stored at these controlled temperatures.  
Other sellers of older wines may have bought them on the secondary market for re-sale and most 
times they only have one bottle with damaged labels, and who knows how and where they were 
stored and more importantly, under what temperature variations.  Are they cooked or oxidised?

Grange stored in uncontrolled space, has a failure rate of 50% in Canberra, 75% in Brisbane.
That is an easy way to tear up good $$$$$ if they were bought at auction.

It is not necessary to buy only famous labels, all the wines we have put away in our maturation 
cellar are there for one reason - the wines are excellent. 

You can mix single bottles from this Museum wine list with other wines you are buying.

PLEASE NOTE: We are in Australia, and prices are in Australian dollars.
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